Install: Flipped Control Arm Pin (Free Caster Mod)

I initially heard about this mod on Nasioc but I can’t seem to find the thread. After removing the Whiteline top hats I needed more positive caster in my life. Turn in, even in daily driving mode, is annoyingly worse than before. So with new wheels almost ready to install (along with the holiday break), I figured this was the best time to perform this mod.

As you can see below, the LCA pin is slightly offset. Flipping this pin around and mounting it to the LCA will push the LCA outward; pushing the wheel forward; adding positive caster. 20171222-IMG_3103.jpg

The install is pretty simple. If you have a 22mm wrench you can crack the 22mm nut on the end of the pin loose and just remove the two 17mm bolts holding the pin to the LCA; rotate it around and reattach the hardware to gutentight.


If you don’t have a 22mm wrench (preferably 6-point) then you will need to drop the rear bushing housing to get access to the 22mm nut. Before dropping the rLCA bushing, crack loose all 4 bolts. My LCA to pin bolts were nearly seized. My trusty Ryobi 1/2-inch drive impact couldn’t shake them loose. I was pretty disappointed. I had almost no room to use my 3-foot breaker bar; however, I managed to find a very precise angle to crack them loose.

At that point is was off to the races.  I have a jack to hold up the LCA but it was unnecessary. The LCA didn’t move that much once the rLCA bushing was unbolted. 20171222-IMG_3107.jpg

With the rLCA bushing/pin setup on the ground, I used my trusty Ryobi to loosen zip off the 22mm nut. The pin really just needs to be loosened enough to rotate and reattach. I only have a crescent wrench to torque the nut back down so don’t go too cray here. 20171222-IMG_3119.jpg

Reattach the rLCA bushing/pin to the LCA (shallow side to the LCA) and torque down all of the bolts/nut. I had to use a pry bar to get the rLCA bushing bolt holes to line up. 20171222-IMG_3122.jpg

Repeat on the other side and success! Free caster! 20171222-IMG_3127

I don’t have any hard numbers but my turn-in has returned. Not quite 100% of the WL top hats but very close. I could try adding spacers to the pins (Nasioc thread) or grabbing a SuperPro rLCA offset bushing to add some additional positive caster.

I wish I had time to document the changes by getting alignment specs at an alignment shop but I have wheels to refinish before winter kicks into gear. I don’t want to get caught at work or school in a snowstorm with my summer tires on. Been there, done that, it’s not fun at all.

And in case you are wondering about the wheels. Here is a sneak peak.