Flare Options [02-07 WRX/STi]

After trying on a set of 18×9.5 NT03+M wheels with a set of 265 tires I have been searching for a set of flares to cover them up should I pull the trigger on them. My first choice for such a wheel setup would be some sort of WRC widebody kit but that is well beyond my reach right now. So instead I have been researching flares for my bugeye.

I’m not looking for the best flares out there. I know where to find those. My body isn’t all that perfect to begin with. In fact part of my motivation for flares is to cover up the dinged up fenders. Figuring out which flares are the best value/decent quality is pretty tough since some reviews seem to be 5-stars or 1-star. Love it or hate it. Extrapolating from that type of data is always pretty tough.

With that said, on to the flares!

SubyFlares (Karlton) | 60mm | $800 – [link]img_979720fb_zpshvjegifdThe top option is to obviously go with the original Karlton flares. They look great and they are supposed to have the best fit and finish. I don’t have nor want a show car so these are probably out of my budget unless I come across a used set. Also, I don’t need 60mm worth of flare either. Not to mention I don’t plan to upgrade my rear bumper anytime soon to avoid modifying them for fitment. My car probably doesn’t deserve such premium piece of kit to begin with.

Forcewerkz | 60mm? | $450 – [link]
Next on the list are Forcewerkz flares. These look like Karlton copies so they are probably 60mm or somewhere in that neighborhood. Other than still being too wide for my needs the fitment doesn’t seem to be consistent based on my research. Not that I’m being too picky about the fitment.

Racing Solution | 38mm | $499 – [link]
Never heard of these guys before but the flares look kinda like Karlton copies. They are only 38mm wide which is about perfect for my needs. They make a set for bugeyes so that’s a big plus. And from what I can tell they have decent fitment. These might be the frontrunners for my bugeye.

Juggernaut/ABW Recessed Flares | 60mm?? | $675 – [link]
286767812These flares have an interesting design up front. Looks like they are made to accommodate a very wide setup. Not really my cup of tea though. Fitment/quality is supposed to be good though.

Lic Motorsports Rear Flares | 35mm | $375 – [link]

These were my original choice along with HTAutos front WRC fenders for my 2005 STi. I no longer have the STi and as far as I can tell HTAutos stopped selling the WRC fenders. 😦

ABW Motorsports (Widebody) | 30mm | $2200 – [link
My one true love. I would absolutely love to go full widebody. Unfortunately it is too spendy for me. 😦

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