Potential Good Drive – Tobes Creek Road


While working on a blog post about all the great drives I’ve done in East TN and/or perhaps the country, I found a interesting road off of I-40 near Cosby, TN. Tobes Creek Road (TN-32) looks like 13-miles of tight sweepers on a 2-lane backroad. It also looks like you could loop back onto I-40 via Foothills Parkway.

Now that stretch of I-40 is one of the my favorite drives as far as interstates go. It’s sweepers galore with a few surprisingly fun sharp turns in the mix. And did I mention the tunnels? I can’t think of another stretch of interstate that compares.

One day I will have to check out Tobes Creek Road for myself.

2 comments on “Potential Good Drive – Tobes Creek Road

  1. Melissa

    Just drove Tobes Creek Road. Beautiful and challenging one lane gravel road. Don’t drive it if you ever saw the movie Deliverance


  2. Tobes Creek road is rough and gravel. I was there October 3, 2018 on my Kawasaki concourse. You’re thinking of Highway 32 which is paved and ends about 1 1/2 miles from the North Carolina border and 3 miles From I-40. When Tennessee 32 pavement ends is a crossing of the Appalachian Trail that is marked and believe it or not I had AT&T cell phone reception there where is Verizon usually works best in the mountains.


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