Cars & Coffee: EAG (March 4, 2017)

I went to the EAG Cars & Coffee this morning. I haven’t made it out to a car meet in awhile so I figured it was time to grab my camera and get back out there. Unfortunately I picked the week that winter returned to Knoxville so I didn’t get many pics.

Overall turnout a pretty good though despite the weather. Only a couple Subies there and that includes mine.

And Ollie’s.

Ollie brought his 2014 STi out. It’s running a rotated GTX3071R setup and e85 – making about 500/500 to the wheels. I rode in it when it was stock turbo on e85 making about 400 ft/lbs and it scared the crap out of me. I can’t imagine what an extra 100 ft/lbs feels like.

I also ran into Jeff and his Focus RS too. Sounds like Jeff has plans to add some springs to his RS here soon. Can’t wait to see how it looks.

Also spotted this Impreza. I briefly saw the owner but my legs were frozen in place. It does remind me of how much I love the Blobeyes.

Every time I see a classic Mini I will think about Moog’s Mini Honda swap. Which is 100% awesome. In fact, the first time I saw a Honda swapped Mini was at an EAG C/C meet.

The original NSX is damn near 90s perfection. It’s hard to think of another car from this era that has aged this well.

I love the BBS wheels on this Carrera. Reminds me of the Evo X MR BBS wheels.IMG_9912.jpg

Lastly I thought this Cressida was pretty interesting. And I would be a liar I told you I knew what it was without reading the badge.

Oh wait, my Bugeye was there too! 😀

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