Install: Washer Bottle Relocation

Along with the battery and fuel filter relocation, I wanted to put my washer bottle in the trunk for my 55/45% w/d goal and to clean up the engine back for my future AOS.


With fluid the washer tank only weighs around 6 lbs full, but every pound counts. This will be offset by the AOS, but at worst it will be a wash or something close to it vs adding more weight to the front end.

Instead of just bolting up the stock washer tank in the trunk, I decided to go with an STi Intercooler Sprayer Tank as a washer tank. Many guys use these as meth tanks so I figured it would serve my needs as well. They are pretty cheap on eBay, you can get one for about $30-$40 shipped. And I like that it has a screw on cap.20170415-IMG_0442.jpg

The back mount will bolt up no problem, however I am still researching how the lower portion mounts OEM style. Subaru just lists that there is a bolt that goes down there.20170415-IMG_0445.jpg—————4L/49300547/86661FE020.html

This thread shows how someone fabbed up a bracket. I may need to do the same. For now I just zip tied it to the chassis.

For power, I tapped the stock washer tank harness with a couple spade connectors and ran wires to the trunk down the driver’s side of the car, across the rear seat brace, then up through the passenger rear strut tower to the pump.

I connected the yellow/black stripe wire to the pink wire and the light green?/red stripe wire to the black wire. Then tested it out to make sure it works. Hey, it works! 😀20170409-IMG_0393.jpg

For the hose I grabbed some hose from the local parts store. I think I bought 10-feet. Probably should of bought 12-feet. I think I am going to order some clips and go with the stock routing along the bottom of the roof of the trunk for a cleaner install.

I forgot to get a pic but I basically ran it along side of the fuel rails, it snaps into place in the empty spot on the brackets than hold the fuel lines. A butt connector will tie it into the existing washer lines after you pick a grommet to run it through. I chose the same one as the power line for my battery. It’s pretty crowded to be honest, I may relocate it at a later date.

After you put your interior back together you can enjoy definitely weaker but totally adequate spray pattern on your windshield. This probably due to the smaller line I used since that’s all the parts store had in stock. However, before it was spraying fluids onto my roof and missing the windshield completely. So… this is an improvement. 😀

As far as handling goes, I think it helps balance out the battery in the trunk. I need to weigh it with fluid in it to figure out my estimated w/d%, but I’ve been sidetracked with other projects like the fuel pump, finishing the battery setup and then I got a nail in my tire. So I figured it was a good time to learn how to patch that up.

Overall I am pleased with how this turned out. The only real hiccup is that lower bracket on the tank.



[4/24/17] – Fabricated lower bracket from strut tower horn bracket and tidied up wires.





  1. Peter says:

    I just relocated my windshield washer bottle, and noticed something funny. So I came here to see how you did yours. I relocated the stock tank. I installed it on a bracket and support in the passenger side well of the trunk. I also installed 4 pot Subaru calipers, when I went out to bed the new pads, water jetted out of my sprayers under hard braking!! Very funny. I’m guessing the hard braking is forcing the water past the pump. I’m planning to make a double tank; washer and Meth, so this is just temporary. I’m wondering what’s different about the IC sprayer that doesn’t cause this?


    1. A.A.Smith says:

      Hmmm… I’ve had fluid leak out a little bit and I haven’t figured out why. I just assumed my nozzles were kinda clogged (or I need to use a relay for the pump) and some of the fluid was just running along my hood after I used the washers. Doesn’t seem like the location would matter unless the pump has a check valve in it that has gone weak or something. I’m not sure.


  2. Peter says:

    Missed your reply.. I’m not sure why it’s happening unless it has to do with the tank now being higher, which I just thought of. I have some extra solenoid valves, since I used standard tubing for the line to the front, I might add one. (There at the wire/tubing splice under the hood.) Fun stuff.


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