Hood Scoop Refurb(ish)

Like most of my projects, this one was spur of the moment. My plan is to get a JDM scoop one day, but it’s not a priority right now. So I decided to make my stock scoop less of an eye sore. Other than sanding the paint down because some of it has peeled off, the process is the same as painting the fog light covers.  Prep, primer, paint.


First step is removing the splitter to get access to the bottom bolts for the hood scoop. Then remove all of the hood scoop studs and hardware. The scoop comes right off.


Since the paint has peeled down to bare plastic, it’s time to sand baby sand. I think I used 320 grit I had laying around. Be sure to wear a mask. It gets dusty real quick.


There are some weird impressions into the plastic, and I don’t know how they happened. If I wanted to fix it I would need to use some filler but that is beyond the scope of this project. And at some point this scoop will probably go in the trash bin.

Next up is to wipe it down with a degreaser as needed and then once more with rubbing alcohol.


Spray on a coat of primer and let it dry.


Then paint and clearcoat.

I used what paint I had leftover from my fog light covers and it wasn’t nearly enough to do a final thick coat. I probably had a little less than half a can of paint. Coverage was ok, but I got some tiger striping going on.


However unless you are looking at it in direct sunlight it is barely noticeable.



On to the next project!