Rumbles: WRX Goals for 2018

While I don’t do new year’s resolutions, they tend to go out the window before the end of the month,  I do think it can be important to set some goals. So as I think about where I want to take the Bugeye, I have some general goals and some specific ones.

Project +Lightness

This is still my overall goal for the Subie. The problem is that the changes are going to be much slower from this point forward. The reason is simple – cost. I have done most if not all of the cheap modifications and now the prices are rising exponentially. The TSSFab front subframe is $1,400 spec’d out. Add in the 13:1 STi steering rack and this is a +$2,000 modification. It’s something I want to do, however, I doubt it will be done in 2018.

While Project +Lightness will influence many of my decisions, direct progress will be pretty limited for the foreseeable future.

Plans for Mad Handles

The Subie handles well in its current state, despite a couple setbacks. I think one mod I have been putting off for too long is fender braces. These are pretty cheap and effective. However, I don’t know if I should go with TiC’s Fender Braces or triangulated set like GTSpec or Ultra Racing; I really liked my GTSpec braces. The Cusco Rear Subframe Brace should be on my to-do list as well. It felt like going on 1-2mm in swaybar size on my 2005 STi and it will also tie into some other mods I have planned. An X-Brace would be great, but unless I come across a used one for a killer price it probably won’t make it onto my Bugeye in 2018.


Aero & Exterior Mods

I have a long blog post in the queue about aerodynamic modifications. Now, this probably won’t be anything crazy like a carbon fiber front splitter, or aggressive diffusers or a big ol’ wang. I will be focused primarily on OEM level aero like engine and transmission under trays, HTAutos diffuser, and hood vents. Some of it will be just cosmetic like the v7 JDM wing. My top mod in this category will probably be the hood vents to help bring IATs down in the summer.


Engine Mods

Overall engine mods planned are on the Pinterest board below. I don’t think I will get to many of these this year except for maybe the Delta Motorworks Catback. I think I want to convert to a parallel fuel setup when I upgrade injectors. My tuner says my injectors are fine for my planned upgrades, but I’d sleep better with injectors below 95% IDC.


Drivetrain Mods

For 2018, this area will probably be maintenance focused; clutch and associated hardware. I would love to pick up a carbon fiber driveshaft or a 4.444 5MT/R180 combo but those are very long-term purchases at the moment. The Beatrush Pitch Mount is pretty obtainable. I may pick one up sooner rather than later. I hate the way the car shifts (rocks) when I let off the throttle.

Social Media

I will be using Instagram for the foreseeable future. However, Tumblr will probably be used sporadically, if at all. I deleted my b.obsidian Twitter account; I don’t see the value in it. I am not on Facebook, and that might change. Most of my Subie friends are on Facebook and I am tired of having them relay information to me. Unfortunately, Facebook has killed most of the forums and I don’t see relief in sight. This is one of the main reasons I started this blog, to preserve my build thread.

Since I am not on Facebook, I miss out on Subie events. Friends try to keep me in the loop but honestly, it isn’t their job to keep me up to date. Another reason for reconsidering Facebook is the classifieds. I’ve noticed that the Craigslist ads have dried up. I know people haven’t stopped selling car parts so the most reasonable explanation is Facebook. I actually saw this process happening before I left Facebook in 2016.

If I recreate a Facebook account, it will be a page under the brand b.obsidian. I don’t care to recreate another personal Facebook account. I am hesitant to make the move as my year or so without Facebook has been great. I remember the mental fog that persisted when I was on Facebook. I don’t have a strong desire to relive that experience.

School is starting back up soon so I probably won’t have time for Facebook anyway.

Blog Content

I would love to do more comparisons. The EJ207 vs EJ257 post is the most popular post by far. It’s not even close. I would like to revisit that comparison with a few updates. I would also like to do a header comparison (single-scroll UEL v single-scroll UEL v twin-scroll EL) and a why a stock location twin-scroll will spool slower than a comparable single-scroll UEL (cliff notes: the EJ207 twin-scroll spool hype needs to die). I also want to do more GIS/Data Viz style post since that’s closer to my profession. However, the hardest part is getting the data to run the analysis. I also want to do more features of local Subies. I have a few in the queue that I need to wrap up, but I haven’t been super motivated to dig into those. I would also like to get back into designing tees, stickers, and calendars. That will probably have to wait until school is over.

Either way, I am looking forward to modifying the WRX in the new year.