Bugeye on a Budget: Whiteline Pitch Mount Inserts

Product: Whiteline Pitch Mount Inserts
Price: $25
Vendor: Kyle@Subieworks (rallysportdirect)
URL: https://www.rallysportdirect.com/part/pitch-stop-mounts/whi-w92832-whiteline-pitch-stop-mount-insert-kit-kit
Install Time: 30 mins



Depending on your TMIC setup, this can either be a super quick install or frustratingly hour long install. Some days I can pop my Grimmspeed TMIC on and off with ease. Other days it flat out refuses to go back into place using the exact same technique.

With that said:

Step 1. Remove TMIC.20180110-IMG_3390.jpg

Step 2. Remove Pitch Mount. Two 14mm bolts; one 10mm bolt for the ground.20180110-IMG_3394.jpg



Step 3. Remove small bushing with a long bolt, washers and deep socket or similar item. I’ve had the item below for years. I think it’s a bushing removal tool for fox Mustangs.


Step 4. Unbox the new bushing.20180110-IMG_3403.jpg

Step 5. Install new poly bushing. I tried pressing the bushing back in reverse order, with some other bushing removal tools I had laying around, but the bushing kept deforming under the pressure. So pressed it in by hand with the assistance of a plastic panel removal tool to push it into place; insert the metal sleeve and this side is done.20180110-IMG_3411.jpg

Step 6. Install the large bushing halves. These slide right into place. They don’t look pretty, but once mounted, they are pretty much hidden from sight. 20180110-IMG_3412.jpg



Step 7. Done! Almost.20180110-IMG_3417.jpg

Step 8. Re-install the upgraded pitch mount. I recommend spraying the faces of the large bushings with WD-40 and grabbing a hammer to tap it back into place. It’s a very tight fit. Don’t forget to reattach the ground!20180110-IMG_3420-HDR.jpg



Step 9. Reinstall TMIC and go for a test drive.

Initial Review

I have used Agency Power and Beatrush Forged pitch stops in the past. Both are effective solutions to reducing drivetrain slop, however, they do transmit NVH into the cabin if that is a concern. This setup transmits far less NVH while providing most of the benefits of aftermarket pitch mount for a fraction of the cost.

Throttle response is a little bit sharper and taking off from a stop is just a little bit easier. I noticed the transmission is a little bit notchier (in a good way), however, it doesn’t move as much under load. I have literally gone for the shifter in the past and it wasn’t where I thought it was; only to let off the throttle and it moved right into my hand. After this pitch mount bushings, this effect seems to have been greatly reduced.

Long Term Review

Coming Soon!