Bugeye on a Budget: Grimmspeed Antenna Delete

This mod is pretty simple, albeit slightly frustrating to install. You will have to pull the head unit and the driver’s side carpet up a little bit to remove the OEM antenna. I thought I disconnected the antenna the last time I pulled the head unit but I guess I didn’t.

I have a cheap aftermarket head unit and I don’t use the radio function. The last and only time I used the radio was when I made the 14-hour drive home with the Bugeye; the sound coming over the airwaves was not a pleasant experience. I think I eventually opted to ride in silence until I found a store to buy some headphones.

My antenna housing was cracked so instead of leaving it permanently in the down position, I decided to just delete the antenna altogether. It may have been leaking water inside of my car as well. I used to get a slight moldy smell after driving in the rain, but I couldn’t locate the source.


I picked up the Grimmspeed Antenna Delete from a friend that sold his Bugeye and was getting rid of his extra parts. These go for $27 on GS’s website. 6OVRCRST has a carbon fiber delete plate too.


The Grimmspeed installation instructions are ok; I think showing the routing of the antenna wire would make them perfect. The instructions are located here.

There are two T25 Torx bolts holding the antenna to the A-Pillar.


Then remove the interior trim to the A-Pillar inside the car along with the kick panel. Pop the footrest pad off and pull up the carpet until you can expose the antenna cable, it runs underneath the carpet about where your feet rest. The antenna is taped down in two locations.

Remove the head unit and disconnect the antenna cable.

At this point, since I didn’t care if I damaged the cable or not, I just pulled the cable out (it required some effort).



With the antenna removed you can swap the gasket over to the delete plate and bolt it down to the A-Pillar. Then all that is left is to put your interior back together and admire your new plate that sorta looks like the thing you just took out.


I think I might paint the delete plate WRB one day, but for now, I can rest easy knowing that I will never have to listen to FM/AM radio ever again.



Overall, I am happy with the results. AM/FM radio waves are not coming through my speakers anymore so I consider this a win. I don’t know if my leak has been fixed as I have been busy with work and school and my WRX is usually parked in the garage. I guess time will tell…

I am thinking about making some mountain driving videos in the future and the delete plate might be a decent spot for a camera mount. I may pick up a 6OVRCRST carbon fiber plate for daily duties and mod the GS plate for mountain runs.