Install: RCE Yellow Springs

In my previous post, I mentioned that my front driver’s side RCE Yellow spring broke. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Building a Bugeye (@b.obsidian) So I placed an order with Kyle@Subieworks for another set of RCE Yellows. RSD shipped them out promptly, and the package arrived on Tuesday, I took off earlyContinue reading “Install: RCE Yellow Springs”

Review: Subframe U-Brace

The Subframe U-Brace is one of those semi-controversial Subaru parts that is debated over whether it works or not. Some people say it is critical chassis bracing and others say it is useless weight (~25lbs). I personally leaned towards the former thinking it had to do something… hell, anything – if for no other reasonContinue reading “Review: Subframe U-Brace”