Review: BFGoodrich g-Force Comp-2/AS (255/40/17)

I picked up these tires in the winter of 2018 to replace my Riken Raptor ZR summer tires. Historically, do not run all-season tires but since I didn’t want a dedicated set of winter tires I decided to give all-seasons a shot. I needed to be able to get to school or work and not worry about getting stuck or running into something.

After some research I decided to take a chance on the BFGoodrich Comp-2/AS tires. They have pretty good reviews on Tirerack and a couple of Subaru owners on Instagram gave them the thumbs up as well.

Some of my initial impressions are covered in the SSR GT-2 post.

I went with 255/40/17s and had I looked closer at the specs, I would have seen that these tires run a little wide. I probably would have proceeded cautiously and bought 245/40/17s. However, I love the meaty tire look so I’m glad that I went with the wider tires.

After running these tires for about a year and a half (unknown mileage; however, I think it’s around 20k), here are my impressions.

For an all-season tire, these are pretty grippy tires. If I were to guess, I would say these are summer tires with all-season attributes added in. I have taken them on numerous Dragon runs; hanging with Subarus with summer tires. While I didn’t outperform those cars with stickier tires, I didn’t feel held back by them either.

I was able to drive about as hard as my comfort zone allowed.

They were really good in the rain, even at the Dragon, at least until they are camber worn, then obviously they became less capable. And honestly, only recently are they showing degraded performance in a downpour.

They worked well in the snow and in the cold. I had no issues with traction in at least a couple inches of snow. I can’t say the same with some of my previous summer or all-season tires.

The steering response is also pretty good, although I like to run higher air pressures, like around 35-40 psi, especially on rubber that might be a little pinched or oversized for the wheel. I almost never run stretched tires, either square or slightly over square (pinched). Not a fan of the stretched tire look, and I prefer the wheel protection. I nicked a curb once and I knew it was just my tires.

They are a little loud, especially after they begin to wear but I don’t generally care about tire noise, but it is there if that is a concern. However, they aren’t quite as loud as the Rikens. They kind of have the cadence of those truck tires just not nearly as loud.

Overall, they are a pretty comfortable tire; however, keep in mind that I generally run summer tires on 18-inch wheels and higher tire pressures. Comfort is the least desirable characteristic for my cars.

I think because they are directional tires, and I had no desire to have them flipped around by a tire shop to keep them properly rotated, they developed inner camber wear at all four corners; with the worst occurring on the driver’s side front.

Based on my driving style, I generally have issues with outer tire wear so I am a little surprised by this result.

Overall, I think these are great all-around tires. They are a little on the expensive side for me, as I try to stay under the $500 a set for tires. While I know tires are the most important part of your car, I don’t see myself burning through +$500 for tires every year or so. I’d rather find that sweet spot of performance and price.

Currently, there is a set of Federal SS595 245/40/17s sitting in my garage waiting to go on the Bugeye.


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