Install: Aluminati Pitch Stop

Awhile back, I installed Whiteline Pitch Stop Bushings. The worked great for the price point, but the tolerances were a little tight. The pitch stop was very difficult to install or remove. I still had some movement in the drivetrain so I ordered a billet pitch stop from Aluminati. I’ve been eyes these guys for awhile. Everything they make is from billet aluminum.

The price of the Aluminati pitch stop is cheaper than almost all other pitch stops. The install pretty simple, once you remove the TMIC there are two 14mm bolts holding the pitch stop in place.


The quality of the Aluminati pitch stop is pretty good. I’ve had Group-N, Agency Power (billet) and Beatrush (forged) pitch stops. The Beatrush probably has a better (read: thicker) coating but it something that most people will never see and I didn’t really care about. My main complaint is that the bolt openings seem to be a tad too big, but it seems to fit fine. There’s no movement as far as I can tell under load.

On the test drive, throttle response is actually way better than I expected. There is less throttle needed to get the car moving. Downshifts feel cleaner as well. I haven’t driven in stop and go traffic yet but hopefully the bucking issues will be reduced. I still need outrigger bushings to clean that up for good. I wonder if Aluminati would be interested in making a set.

As for NVH, the transmission and clutch are definitely louder, but that was expected. It’s a little quieter than I was anticipating. Especially since there are no bushings at all in the pitch stop.

After driving around with the pitch mount for a couple of weeks, I cannot believe how much more responsive the EJ207 is. It feels like a gained some horsepower when I know damn well I did not. Unfortunately, all that spirited driving killed what was left of my clutch.

So stay tuned for a clutch install.



  1. Peter says:

    FYI, you can let Illuminati know that this is compatible with the Foresters up to 2008, so your Forester XTs. Perrin I’m noticing now carries one for the Forester, however I informed them a few years ago that the two are compatible. I replaced My Forester’s with the WRX’s then installed the Perrin on the Bugeye. Not sure why Perrin added a different PN for the 93-08 Forester..

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  2. Peter says:

    Opps, I of course meant Aluminati, the company, not the global cabal…

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  3. Cory says:

    why did you ditch the Beatrush for the Aluminati?


    1. A.A.Smith says:

      The Beatrush pitch stop was on my 2005 STi and I sold it when I parted out the car back in 2016. I had a stock pitch stop with Whiteline bushings on the Bugeye before going to Aluminati.


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