What’s Inside? USDM Genome Axle Back

Since I am in between semesters for all of two weeks, I thought I would catch up on cleaning up my garage before all hell breaks loose again. I had this USDM STi Genome axle back sitting around for a while now. I tried selling it on NASIOC and Craigslist but it was too expensive to ship for the price I had it listed for and no one local was interested.

However, before I send this thing to the recycling yard, I wanted to know what it was made of as it had a pretty unique sound.

Cutting canister open was actually much more difficult that I expected. For some reason, I remembered this being a pretty then muffler. It isn’t.

And after some hammering the center section came out.

I was surprised to see that there was no packing in the muffler at all. Just the perforated tube and a little resonator. It actually had a decent sound. The muffler inlet dropped to 2 inches and I could definitely tell the difference in responsiveness.

If I can find more stuff to cut open I may make this a regular feature.


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