Oil Change: Trying New Oil & Filter (A Fumoto makes an appearance)

I know, I know. Everyone has a strong opinion about what oil to use. I typically run Brotella T6 (5W-40); however, I have had a hard time finding it in stock due to the COVID stuff. A friend recommended Castrol Edge 0W-40 so I thought I would give it a try. It’s pretty cheap and it is sold in 5-quart jugs, unlike Rotella.

I also decided to try the Mazda RX-8 (N3R1-14-302) oil filter. It’s a slightly taller filter for a bit more capacity and it’s made by Tokyo Roki. I’ve never been a fan of the Subaru blue filters; they are basically blue Frams as far as I am concerned (google pics for cut open filters to compare).

I also decided to add a Fumoto Valve as well to speed up my least favorite activity.

P/N: N3R1-14-302

Here you can see the difference between standard filter and the Mazda filter.

And here it is installed.

I installed the lock just to see how it worked and then I took it off. I’ll probably lose it anyway. If something hits my Fumoto Valve hard enough to drain my oil out, I’m pretty sure I won’t have an oil pan left either.



  1. Peter says:

    Fantastic! I was really shocked and disappointed that the Blue Subaru filters were as far as I can tell exactly the same as Frams. A group of us on a motorcycle forum cut open 6 or so of the leading filters, Fram was the worst. Have you found a site where we can get them in bulk? I have been buying the Subaru ones in bundles of 6, as I have 3 Subarus.. Thanks for the the on the filter


    1. A.A.Smith says:

      I have not seen a place where you can buy these filters in bulk yet. I thought I saw some on Amazon but those were for the Skyactiv engines.


  2. Peter says:

    Nor have I.. I’m almost though my last batch of “blues”, I’ll switch over to the Mazda ones for the Baja (turbo) and the Bugeye, save the blue ones for the Forester.


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