Install: SuperPro Differential Crossmember Bushings (Outrigger)

With the Bugeye down waiting on wheels, I decided to finish up a few odds and ends like the SuperPro Differential Crossmember Bushings.

I thought about going with a solid mount setup but they are hard to find and I would most likely need to pull the crossmember out to do the install. I already have Kartboy bushings or at least part of them on my car. I think I was missing the bottom bushings which still allowed some play in the subframe. The SuperPro bushings have a different style upper bushing that extends into the OEM bushing to help lock things down.

The install is pretty easy, remove the three bolts holding the lower support brace in place, place a jack under the differential for support.

And we can remove the upper washer (and/or the old bushings).

With the washer out, we can swap out the bushings (if applicable).

I had to pry down on the crossmember to get the new SuperPro bushing in place. I forgot to put the washer in at the same time, so I had to take the bushing back out to get them both in there.

I’m not sure why the lower bushings aren’t a single piece like the top one but the smaller bushing goes into the center.

You will need to install the smaller bushing, the larger bushing, the larger bolt, and the bracket all at the same time. It sounds complicated but it isn’t too bad. Then torque everything back down – I used gutentight specs.

I haven’t driven the car yet, but after using a pry bar on the crossmember the deflection I had before is now gone. Hopefully this cures what little drivetrain slop I had left.


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