Powerstop Reman STi Brembos

I recently switched to GR front knuckles, so I needed to get new calipers. I didn’t really have the money to spend on used Brembos that probably needed a rebuild, so I decided to take a chance on Powerstop reman Brembos. There’s no core charge and they are approximately $350 shipped from RockAuto.

For my long-term plans I am considering manual brakes with 6-piston calipers from a Z06 or VA STi.

The Powerstop calipers come unpainted, and since I really liked the highlighter yellow Evo Brembos, we will be painting these the same color.

They bolt up no problem. I did need to order new bolts and rotors from KNSBrakes. Interestingly, the STi rotors (326mm) are 0.5 lb lighter than the LGT/VA WRX rotors (316mm). Same brand. And since the Brembos are lighter than the iron sliders, it seems like overall the STi setup is the better option; sans wheel clearance issues.

I could have painted the calipers while they were off the car, but it was really cold and I didn’t want to try and handle soft caliper paint as it chips much easier until it fully hardens. And getting any brake fluid on them will make the paint run. Also, I wanted to make sure the calipers worked before I painted them.

The decals are a little crooked but I don’t think anyone will notice. After I placed the decals I threw a couple of coats of clear coat on and put a heater on the calipers to help them harden.

Reinstall the rotors…

And done.

I am so used to seeing these Brembos with 17s that they look kinda small with the 18s.

Right now, I am working installing rear fender flares and finishing the first step in my steering column modification. I’m guessing that the flare post will probably come out first as I have a ton of photos to go through with the steering column.



  1. I really like the highlighter yellow! Seems like on some wheel/body colors it really pops, other colors not so much. This reminds me that I need to have my other set rebuilt and re-powdered so I can stick them on my wagon. Thinking I’m going to do a super metallic silver this go ’round.

    I took a deep dive down the brake upgrade rabbit hole before I bought my used Brembos, and it seems like buying the remans from Powerstop/Autozone/Advanced is the way to go now. Even after the core fees, the remans at all four corners are still cheaper than a thrashed set you could find on Facebook.

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    1. A.A.Smith says:

      Thanks! I’ve always liked the highlighter yellow Brembos and then Subaru made them the stock color now. haha. I think silver Brembos would look really good with the light green Saabaru.

      Buying used STi Brembos is such a crapshoot now. Many need to be rebuilt or repaired and the prices haven’t really come down. I think the BRZ guys are buying them too. I still see people listing the fronts for almost grand, which is crazy. I bought a full set for $600 (rears needed work) back in like 2013 or so and that will probably never happen again. lol.

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