GD Rear Camber Gains

While working on installing my rear flares (post coming soon), I pulled the springs out of my rear struts so I could see where the tires were hitting the flares instead of doing guesswork every time they rubbed. And while I was raising and lowering the wheel without the springs, I thought I noticed that the suspension seemed to gain some camber under compression. To verify this, I grabbed my angle finder and raised and lower the suspension to see how the camber reacted.

It turns out, we gain camber on compression.

At peak travel, I attached the angle finder to the rotor and zeroed it out.

At about halfway down, we lost about 0.5° degree of camber.

And at full droop we lost another 0.5° degree or so.

This means, depending on ride height (and various other parameters) we could gain up to a degree of negative camber. Realistically, my ride height is probably around the 0.5° degree mark or lower, so I am probably not getting a ton of camber gain. But it is better than losing camber!

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