Install: Perrin Short Shifter Adapter

Now that we have improved the steering of the WRX, the shifter needs attention. I noticed on my last trip to the Dragon that I would have liked a taller shifter. The downside of taller shifters is longer throws. We can counter this by raising the point where the shifter linkage connects to the shifter.

Retrofit Series: BRZ EPAS + VA STI Rack + GR Telescoping Column

I’ve had the Cobb Adjustable Short Shifter (I think it was called Mode back then), and it lets you adjust how short you want your shifts to be. We are limited by the shifter linkage hitting the chassis. However, I don’t want to spend that much money on a shifter until I do my 6MT swap.

This is were the Perrin Adapter comes in. It comes with shifter bushings, but not the ones that go into the shifter itself.

The install is pretty straightforward. Remove the center console (and your shifter boot if you have one).

Disconnect the shifter linkage (12mm) and spin the shifter around 180 degrees.

Slip the adapter over the shifter and at your desired height (higher = shorter throw) and tighten the adapter pinch bolt down. The shifter plate will probably interfere with the linkage in the first gear, so it will probably need to be trimmed or bent. I am going to experiment with how high I can get this adapter by trimming the transmission tunnel. I may have to modify the shifter linkage.

In its current form, the shifts feel good and short. I overtighten the linkage to the adapter, and the throws were notchy at first. I backed the torque off a bit, and the throws are much cleaner.

Now we wait for my shifter extension to arrive from Australia.



  1. Peter Spinale says:

    I had to trim my plate, I also shortened the shaft, and changed the angle, with a little pie slice and rewelded it. I didn’t care for the angle it was at after rotating. However, I’ve been using the adapter for about 4 or 5 years and have been very happy with it.

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    1. A.A.Smith says:

      Awesome. Glad to hear it is holding up. I’ve been thinking about the angle too, especially after I get the extension. But so far it seems ok. I need to do some touge driving to know for sure.


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