Install: Grimmspeed Hood Struts

This is one of those mods that I should have done a long time ago. I work on my WRX all the time, and I usually just let it rest in the 90-degree position for 99% of the time. My hinges are rusty enough that it stays in position. If I’m doing some heavy work, I will throw a prop rod in there as a safety mechanism. However, opening the hood out in the world is a different story. Checking my oil at a gas station is a gamble. A gust of wind can knock the aluminum hood over on my head.

Enter Grimmspeed Hood Struts. They give you the 90-degree hood opening without fear of your car trying to munch on your noggin.

The install is pretty simple. We replace one of our fender bolts with a ball stud, then attach the bracket to the hood hinge — along with the other ball stud — and then install the struts on the studs.

There are clips that hold the struts in place.

Success! We have a hood that won’t threaten us with bodily harm while checking the oil at a gas station.


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