Rumble: New Wheel Color (ESR SR07)

A while back, I painted my ESR wheels gunmetal or graphite to match the front wheels better. It wasn’t a perfect match, but it was better than the bronze color that they came in.

As with most things around here, I decided to try something that I was thinking about doing for a while — adding color shift tint to my wheels. Now that I am on summer break (two whole weeks), I need to do all the mods I can before the fall semester starts.

We are using Rust-Oleum Galaxy Blue paint.

Since the wheels were already painted gunmetal, I gave them a light sanding before spraying the color shift paint, even though the paint calls for a black basecoat. It’s basically a clear coat, so we don’t need to go crazy. I did three coats, and I think they came out great. Like most clear coats, the hardest part is getting good coverage without getting dry spots.

The worse part about painting wheels or really painting anything is waiting for the paint to cure. After a day, I decided that was long enough and put them on the car. I am pretty happy with how they turned out. They look more vivid in the photos than they do in person. In some angles, they still look gunmetal which is pretty cool.


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