Mods: Shorter Shifts for our Tall Boi LikeWise Shifter (Custom)

One of the downsides to a taller shifter is the longer shift throws. We used a Perrin Short Shifter Adapter to make the throws a little bit shorter, but we ran out of adjustment since the shift linkage hits the transmission tunnel. To get more range out of our adapter, we need to drop the shift linkage down.

After taking some measurements, the gear selection rod measured out at 0.75-inch OD. We can use a piece of 0.75 round stock with a 1-inch OD, 0.75 ID tube for a slip fit.

First step, cut off the C or U bracket off the stock linkage.

After some test fitting on the car, we can notch the linkage and then fit up the round stock and weld them together. Then we can weld the C-bracket to the 1-inch tube that we cut down.

I drilled and tapped a spot for a set screw, and now we can reinstall everything for a test fit. The selector linkage clears the transmission tunnel, and we can adjust the Perrin adapter to the top of the OEM shifter for the shortest shifts possible. We could probably get a shorter throw by flipping the Perrin adapter over if needed.

After confirming the fitment, I took everything apart to finish the welds and painted the revised parts.

I may adjust the angle of the linkage to adjust the angle of the shifter, but it works. The shifts are notchy, although they tend to get smoother the more I drive the car. I am thinking about making some stops for the left-to-right movements to take up that play in first and second gear. That is a mod for another day.

Overall, the tall boi short shifter, the GR telescoping steering column, the 2005 STI steering wheel, the BRZ EPAS retrofit, and the 2015 STI steering rack have improved the driving experience on my GD chassis. Each of those mods could use refinement, but they have changed how the Bugeye drives and responds for the better.

After driving around for a couple of weeks, I noticed that the shifter wanted to put up out of the “stay”. For the complete setup, you need the stay bushing, 2 O-rings, and a c-clip.

  • Bushing Stay – 35035AC020
  • Snap Ring – 31524000
  • O-ring – 35056AC000
  • O-ring – 62620210

In hindsight, I probably only needed the O-ring as mine was missing. But these parts are pretty cheap and they have 200k miles on them.

The install of the stay bushing isn’t great. You have to put the shifter in the stay bushing and then put that in the stay. Then try to get that c-clip on from underneath the car. The weight of the shifter works against you as it wants to pull the whole thing out. Loosely installing the selector linkage helps keep the shifter in place. But, the shifts feel much crisper than before.

I need to relocate the set screw as it hits the trim in fifth gear.

And of course, after all of this work on the 5MT, a new challenger has arrived.


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