News: Blog Update

New Blog Layout

Due to WordPress retiring a ton of themes, including the one I was using, I needed to switch to a new one. The old theme felt kind of buggy, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I believe they are rolling out a bunch of new features soon. Hopefully, they will release more themes over time. This current theme is probably temporary until I can find something that will work with my content.

General Housekeeping

I do have a few posts in the draft folder that I need to finalize. One is a long-form of my analysis of car forums over the years. It’s already at 2,000 words and will probably hit 3,000+. I have the 6MT swap coming soon. It won’t be a play-by-play, but I will cover as much as I have time to. I also have some more BRZ EPAS updates, and I have some smaller posts in the works as well.

I will have some parts for sale soon. I am thinking about makes a for sale section for used parts. I normally post them on Nasioc, but FBM is really killing off the classifieds section. I also have some ideas for merch. Mostly stickers and maybe a t-shirt. Although with supply chain issues, this is probably the worst time to do merch.

Also, apparently we hit over 100,000 all-time views a couple days ago. Which is pretty insane for what is basically a glorified build thread.


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