What’s Inside? BRZ EPAS Controller Module

In this installment of What’s Inside?, we are going to take a look inside a BRZ EPAS Controller Module. I bought this unit mostly for the wiring harness. The one time I ran it, it kept cutting out on me. I just use it for mockup purposes now.

On the back of the module, there are six tabs that hold the cover on. They can be easily pried up with a screwdriver.

With the cover off, we can see the board. There are 6 screws holding the board to the aluminum base.

Unfortunately, the board is attached to the chips, which are bolted to the base. We would have to desolder the chips to remove the board. Those chips are mounted on what seems to be a pretty solid heatsink; however, I might build an additional heatsink to help keep them cool.

Peeking in on the other side, we can see some pretty big capacitors and a couple of transformers.

We didn’t learn too much on this part. I was hoping to see a popped capacitor or something. I kinda wonder if this module needs some airflow. There are a few BRZ/GT86 owners that have p/s issues, but those are mostly the early models. Next time it cuts out, I will see if the module is hot.


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