Mod: 6ovrcrst Canards/Dive Planes

While working on the custom front lip, I thought some canards would compliment the lip nicely. I initially thought about making my own from scratch until I remembered that 6ovrcrst sells canards for a reasonable price. It just so happened to be my birthday, and they had a sale going on, so I picked up a pair.

As with most things shipping from the West Coast, they arrived in about a week. They come with hardware; however, I will be using self-tappers for now until I finalize my front bumper.

The fitment is ok, considering I have a Frankenstein front bumper. I expected to tweak them a bit to get them to fit my setup.

We moved the car outside to get a better look at the placement. I am pretty happy with the placement, even though the tape masks the canards a bit. I also spent some time filling in and sanding the lip.

I threw on some self-tappers to mount the canards in place. Then I filled in the gaps with fiberglass filler, along with a coat of lightweight filler.

I sprayed them with filler primer and sanded them again.

This is likely not the final version, but I wanted to see them on the car, so I sprayed them with a light coat of trim paint. Trim paint kind of self-levels, and it has some flexibility to it. It is also a complete PITA to remove, so I didn’t go too crazy with it.

I also wanted to see the lip in a single color, so I sprayed that with some regular black paint.

Overall, I think this combo looks great. I have been driving around with this setup for a few months now. I want to extend the canards to slightly wrap around the front bumper.


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