EJ207 v8/v9?

I was cruising the interwebs the other day looking for a pic of a JDM version 8 twin-scroll downpipe to get a peek that the cat. I was curious to see how it is built/made just to get a gauge of its performance terms of flow. I’ve heard that they are restrictive, but I prefer to see things with my own eyes. However I don’t want to pull the downpipe just to look at the cat. So during my search I noticed that all of the v8 downpipes are different than mine.

Most look like this…

Image result for jdm v9 downpipe
version 8 downpipe
Image result for jdm v9 downpipe
version 9 downpipe

Mine has that suitcase resonator on it (i originally thought was a cat), which turns out to be a v9 downpipe. And that got me thinking that I had the big STi RA-R TMIC as well. It was a absolute PITA to remove and install. So now I am wondering if I have a v9 engine instead of a v8. The sticker on the timing cover is missing so I will probably never know for sure. But according to the NASIOC EJ207 Info thread the only other differences seem to be cams and rods.

But for a EJ on a stock downpipe it feels like it has a bit more oomph than my previous Stage 1-ish builds.


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