Plans for mad handles.

Along with Project +Lightness I have the wants for handles to tackle the many curvy roads around East Tennessee. My current suspension setup is RCE Yellow springs, 05 STi struts (modified for 5×100 use) with Whiteline Front Top Hats. Everything else is stock. Here are my current plans for a responsive cornering beast mode.

2004 STi Steering Rack & Pinion (15:1)
The stock 2003 WRX rack is 16:1 and it shows once you get into the tight switchbacks. All my Subies have had 15:1 racks, including my wife’s 2013 Impreza Sport. Driving her car makes my WRX feel rather, appliancy. The 2004 STi rack bolts right in.

Mooresport Solid Steering Rack Bushing Kit
I just stumbled across these last night on RSD. I was leaning towards the Super Pro steering rack bushings until I saw these. I loved having solid steering rack bushings on my Fox chassis Mustangs/TBirds back in the day.

2004-2007 STi Steering Joint/Linkage (PN# 34170FE050)
The stock WRX piece has a rubber piece for NVH reasons. IDGAF about NVH. Give me response!

2004-2006 STi Front Control Arms
The GD chassis STi control arms are aluminum (about a pound or so lighter – 7.10lbs vs 8.90lbs) and with the exception of the 07s – add some extra castor. Plus the bushings are a bit harder for improved response.

Super Pro Roll Center Kit
I may or may not need this just yet. Didn’t seem to change much on my STi but they did help my 2009 WRX when it was on coilovers. I had some pretty good roll steer and the RCK fixed it.

Super Pro/Beatrush Anti-Lift Kit
On the fence about this. Not sure if any ALK will clear the front subframe that I’m looking at.

Front Fender Braces
I really liked my GTSpec Fender Braces on my 2009 WRX. However GTSpec seems to be done selling GD Subie parts. I may just grab some TiC braces and be done with it.

2005-2007 STi Rear Lateral Links
I actually have half a set of these already. Just need to grab the other half and bolt them up. Ideally I would like a set of FXT STi links

2004-2007 STi Rear Sway Bar (20mm)
Same as my current sway bar however I the STi lateral links have a different sway bar mounting point and thus require a different rear swaybar. 😦

Cusco 22mm Sway Bars (Front/Rear)
2mm bigger than stock, should be a good upgrade without restricting suspension travel.

IDK, probably going to get the Cuscos.

Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar
I bought this brace more or less to run a diffuser on my 2005 STi. What I didn’t expect was tighter handling rear end. My STi was a very tail happy car and this bar helped it become more neutral. Can’t wait to run it on my WRX.

CarLabs X-Brace
Rear brace that connects the rear strut towers to the rear bulkhead.

That’s it for now. I’ll refine this list as a continue my research.

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