Install: HT Autos 02-03 WRX Fog Light Covers

After selling off my JDM fog lights I needed something to fill the voids. Either legit OEM fog covers, some sort of brake duct cover, or replica covers from HT Autos. I decided to go with covers from HT Autos because eBay was low on inventory on JDM covers and I didn’t realize I could still get new ones from Subaru. Plus my front end isn’t in the best of shape to begin with. I ordered them from FastWRX along with a can of Grimmspeed WRB paint. I was definitely interested to see how well the GS paint turns out.

Everything arrived fairly quick from FastWRX. I should of installed the covers first to see how they mounted but I was more interested in painting them. So I ran to the store to grab a red 3M pad and a can of primer.  I had a little bit of clear coat leftover from painting my wheels – one of numerous times.IMG_0096.jpg

Overall the HT Autos covers seem pretty good quality. My only complaint is the bracket, but I kinda new that going in.IMG_0103.jpg

First step is to scuff up the covers to prep them for primer. I sprayed the covers down with water and rubbed them down with the red 3M scuff pads. IMG_0105.jpg

I didn’t go too crazy just to lightly scuff them up as you can see below. Then I wiped them down with a microfiber cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol. IMG_0106.jpg

Once they were dry I hit them with a light coat of primer. I placed the covers on pieces of 2×4 to elevate the edges off of the surface to prevent them from sticking to the plastic.IMG_0109.jpg

After the primer dried I began with light coats of Grimmspeed WRB. I stuck the can in a bucket of hot water prior to spraying. This seems to make it easier to mix and help with getting a consistent output on each pass.  IMG_0110.jpg

After the second coat I was pretty confident that these covers were going to turn out pretty good. Maybe too good considering the condition of the paint on my WRX. 🙂IMG_0112.jpg

I don’t recall how many coats I made, but I used up most of the can. As per instructions I waited a day before applying the clear coat. IMG_0132.jpg

And the following day I applied 2-3 coats of clear before letting sit for another 24hrs. I personally think they came out great. Much better than expected. Should I need another part painted I won’t hesitate to grab another can of GS WRB. IMG_0135.jpg

I am not sure if I am going to put the decals on. I may go with something custom instead.FL_Paint.gif

I got ready to install the covers but I didn’t like the mounting situation. The L-bracket uses a couple of self tapping screws and I’m not even sure if it was big enough to work. IMG_0136.jpg

So I ordered some OEM brackets to finish the install. Here are the PN# in case you need them.

Part Numbers:



904680003 – SCREW

In the meantime I should have my Oswald Lightweight Front Bumper Beam soon! Stay tuned for an install and review of that.

UPDATE (3/19/2017):
I grew impatient after realizing that my bumper probably isn’t worth the effort I was putting into these covers so I attempted to install them with the HT Autos brackets. The bracket could be better, they basically mount on the edge of the fog light surrounds. A right angle drill would be handy in this situation. Nevertheless, I got them installed with the supplied hardware. I would recommend the OEM hardware if you don’t want to drill into your bumper.




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