I started a wheelwell account several months ago. I was looking for something like a car focused instagram/tumblr site to consolidate my social media accounts. This one seems promising but in all honesty it feels like an updated cardomain site. Which I just checked and it is still a thing.

Wheelwell has an app, which was a draw for me, but it is iOS only at the moment. I can’t figure out how to use the mobile site in any meaningful way so I am stuck on using it on desktop only. Now I feel like I can figure out how to use most openly available software or websites pretty quickly. This site frustrates me at some point every single time I use it.

After trying to make myself use the mobile site I bailed on it and focused on my wordpress blog. Which allowed me to delete facebook and tumblr accounts, and more importantly, may of saved my sanity.

However I must admit the site is getting better. And I love the new embed feature. I may start including that in my WRX posts. I’m not sure yet. If they could extent that feature to individual car parts that would be awesome.

One issue I still have is bailing out of any rabbit hole you find yourself in while cruising rides. There’s no exit button (or it goes away), so you either hit the back arrow several times (which somehow doesn’t put you back where you were before), or choose a new path forward from your current position.

Hopefully they work out these bugs soon as I think the site has potential. And an android app would be great since instagram is slowly becoming facebook lite. 😦

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