Rumbles: Bugeye on a Budget

This is going to be a new series of low-cost mods I am going to be doing to my 2003 WRX. The criteria for this series are mods that cost under $50; ideally under $50 shipped. I want to do a “Bugeye on a Budget” mod at least once or twice a month and I want to keep the install time to under an hour. I think this will keep me motivated to keep the small mods in mind and not just focus on the big mods.

I also want these mods to be $50, new in box, from a vendor. So anyone can do these mods at any time without searching for a deal to pop up. However, if I see something on sale for under $50, I may include it, if the normal price is under $10 over the $50 limit (like those LIC half moon seals).

The overall purpose of these budget mods is to improve the daily driving nature of the WRX in some way. Whether that is improved responsiveness, improved aesthetics or making maintenance efforts more efficient. I don’t want to just do cheap mods just because they are cheap.

That said, here is the initial list of Bugeye on a Budget mods. I will try and update the Pinterest board as I find new low-cost mod ideas.

First up are the Whiteline pitch mount inserts.