Install: v7 JDM STi Grill Mods (Part 1)

I picked up this broken JDM STi grill over the winter with the intention of modifying it to my liking. It was relatively cheap to modify without too much anxiety. My goal was to document the process, then I got completely sidetracked by school and other mods. So I am trying to get the blog up to speed to present-day.

I never really intend for this to be a super clean grill but for more of an experiment into plastics repair and modification. This process is a learning experience for me and there will be many failures along the way.

The v7 grill arrived from Canada and I almost immediately had some regrets…


The damage was worse than I realized.


However, the first order of business was to the remove the STi badge. Not a huge fan of STi badges on WRXs so it had to go. I wanted to get a WRX badge for it, but then @oh3_dhf beat me to it.

I think the JDM grill looks great with the WRX badging; I will snag one for myself. Eventually, I would like to design a custom badge for the grill.

Next, to keep the large broken piece of the grill from getting worse, I zip tied it back together. This was supposed to be a temporary measure until I figured out a way to bond the sections back together, but I think I like it as is.

drift stitches

I also threw some smaller zips on the inside driver’s side crack of the grill and a little bit of elbow grease removed the transfer paint. However, most of the grill has spider cracking going on so it will eventually need to be sanded down and repainted.

Then I popped it on to see how it looked.

v7 STi grill looks great, except for that dent! 

Somehow, I missed the giant dent in the driver’s side of the grill.


I applied some heat from a heat gun and it popped right out without touching it. However, it still needs work. Many of the clips are either broken or hanging on for dear life. I eventually addressed some those issues with plastic welding (heat & adhesive) but I will save that update for another day!