Resource: Subaru Transmission Type Search

I came across a website allows you to search Subaru transmissions by the transmission code to identify the gear ratios. This can come in handy when shopping for Subie transmissions.

I am perpetually on the lookout for a 4.444 final drive transmission (due to not having any money to actually buy one) with the WRX gearset; which is basically the FXT transmission for USDM and/or JDM markets. Subaru offered a wide variety of 5MTs and some of the 4.444 FD transmissions come with longer ratio gear sets. I don’t want to lose my 3.454 first gear so I double check every potential trans that I come across.

I like that the site has a very minimalist design and has a nice little graph for showing your speed per gear.

However, it only seems to include transmissions for the JDM or EDM markets, which makes since as it appears to be a UK site. Maybe the database will be updated later on to include USDM models.

Either way, it is still a nice little resource.


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