Mods: SSR Center Cap Refresh

My SSR GT-2 wheels come with center caps that were in horrible condition. I wasn’t a big fan of the design so I left them off. I prefer a flat cap. I tried a few different caps and none of them fit. SSRs have a unique size that uses an o-ring to lock the cap in place.

So instead of trying yet another set of center caps that probably won’t fit I decided to try and refresh my GT-2 center caps.

The steps are the same as any other paint project: clean, sand, sand, sand, primer and paint.

Sand (80 Grit).

Sand (120 Grit).

Sand (320 Grit).


Paint (Black base coat).

Paint (Colorshift top coat.

Allow at least 24 hrs for the paint to dry.




  1. Kimsann Taing says:

    Do you know anyone selling these cap or where I can find a set for mine?


    1. A.A.Smith says:

      I still have my set if you are interested. They need to be stripped at repainted though.


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