Mods: SSR Center Cap Refresh

My SSR GT-2 wheels come with center caps that were in horrible condition. I wasn’t a big fan of the design so I left them off. I prefer a flat cap. I tried a few different caps and none of them fit. SSRs have a unique size that uses an o-ring to lock the cap in place.

So instead of trying yet another set of center caps that probably won’t fit I decided to try and refresh my GT-2 center caps.

The steps are the same as any other paint project: clean, sand, sand, sand, primer and paint.

Sand (80 Grit).

Sand (120 Grit).

Sand (320 Grit).


Paint (Black base coat).

Paint (Colorshift top coat.

Allow at least 24 hrs for the paint to dry.



2 responses to “Mods: SSR Center Cap Refresh”

  1. Kimsann Taing says:

    Do you know anyone selling these cap or where I can find a set for mine?


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