Database: Weighing WRX Parts

Before you can +lightness, you need to know what your parts weigh in the first place. So, this page will be a rolling list of parts that I have weighed either on my bathroom scale or on my hanging scale; some will be from forums or the manufacturer as well. At some point I would like to get a scale that can handle items that don’t register on the hanging scale. 

All OEM parts are from a 2003 WRX unless otherwise noted. 

Source Definitions:

  • bScale – Bathroom Scale
  • hScale – Hanging Scale
  • manuf. – Manufacturer’s listed weight
  •  other – link to source.

Engine Weights

Part Weight (ea.) Source Notes
OEM Size Battery35 lbsbScaleAftermarket Replacement Battery
STi v8 TMIC10 lbsbScale
Grimmspeed TMIC20 lbsbScale
Fuel Injector Brackets3 lbsbScaleBolts included; EJ207 version 8
Turbo Heat Shield0.6 lbshScaleUpper shield; painted.
OEM Air Box3.7 lbshScaleIncludes After MAF hose, clamps and K/N panel filter. No MAF.
OEM Air Box Snorkel1.3 lbshScale
K/N Typhoon Intake5.2 lbshScaleNo MAF. Includes clamps and coupling. Gold reflective tape throughout.
OEM WRX Axle Back20 lbsbScale
USDM “Genome” STi Axle Back16.5 lbshScale
Blitz Nur-Spec Axle BackTBD
Hood Prop Rod1.1 lbshScale
OEM Crank Pulley5.7 lbshScaleEJ207 version 8
JDM OEM Exhaust Header19.8 lbshScaleEJ207 version 8; Twin Scroll ; With Heat Shields
JDM OEM Exhaust Up-pipe8.8 lbs hScale EJ207 version 8; Twin Scroll; With Heat Shields
OEM STi Exhaust Manifold/Up-pipe~26 lbsotherLink 1 | Link 2
Cruise Control Module2.8 lbshScaleIncludes brackets and cable.
OEM Radiator Fans8.5 lbshScale
OEM Radiator7.7 lbshScale
OEM Exhaust Cam Gear0.8 lbshScale
VF37 Turbo
(Twin Scroll)
18 lbshScaleTurbosmart Wastegate Actuator

Exterior/Body Weights

Part Weight (ea.) Source Notes
OEM WRX Wing5.9 lbshScaleOne stud is missing.
OEM Fog Lights3 lbsbScaleBrackets and bulbs included
HT Auto Fog Light Covers1 lbs
OEM Headlight3.5 lbshScaleAmber delete; painted housing; passenger side.
Modified Front Bumper Cover15.4 lbshScaleIntegrated eBay v2 lip, STi side splitters and Fog Light covers; weight reduction (19.3 lbs prior to w/r).
JDM v7 STi Grill2.2 lbshScaleRepaired
Hella Horns1.7 lbshScalePair; Includes short brackets
2002-2003 WRX Front Fender5.7 lbshScaleSide marker included

Suspension/Chassis Weights

Part Weight (ea.) Source Notes
U-Brace25 lbsbScale
OEM Front Bumper Beam~26 lbs
Oswald Performance Lightweight Bumper Beam (F)6 lbsManuf.Install.
OEM WRX 20mm Swaybar (F)8.1 lbshScaleIncludes bushings and end links
OEM WRX 20mm Swaybar (R)TBD
OEM 2005 STi 20mm Swaybar (F) TBD
OEM 2005 STi 20mm Swaybar (R)TBD
SSR GT2 Wheels (17×8.5)16 lbsbScale
OEM 294mm Rotor (F)12.5 lbshScalehigh mileage
Centric 294mm Rotor (F)16.7 lbshScale
KNS 4k 316mm Rotor (F)21.1 lbshScale
KNS 4k 326mm Rotor (F)20.4 lbshScale
ABS Module6.8 lbshScaleIncludes mounting bracket
2003 WRX Brake Proportioning Valve0.5 lbshScaleIncluded mounting bracket
GD WRX Front Knuckle & Hub14.5 lbshScaleSome material removed for Evo Brembo mod.
GR STi Front Knuckle & Hub19.3 lbshScale

Drivetrain Weights

Part Weight (ea.) Source Notes
2003 WRX 5MT Transmission121 lbsbScaleFluid drained.
2003 WRX OEM Flywheel22.9 lbshScaleHigh mileage
ACT StreetLight Flywheel13.2 lbshScale
OEM WRX 5MT Driveshaft22 lbs
WRX Front Axles (Male/Female)13.x lbshScale
WRX Front Axle CV Joint (Outer)3.5 lbshScaleGutted
Transmission Cross Mounts12.1 lbshScale
DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft12 lbs
Torque Solutions Transmission Mount3.9 lbshScaleStuds missing.
OEM Pitch Mount0.4 lbshScale
R180 (clutch LSD)59 lbsbScaleW/O gear oil

Interior Weights

PartWeight (ea.)SourceNotes
Dash19.6 lbshScaleClock removed (0.4 lbs); includes passenger airbag and air vent ducting.
Driver’s Side Dash Panel (lower)1.5 lbshScale
Shifter Surround Trim & Boot0.4 lbshScale
Center Console (lower portion)4.4 lbshScale
Center Vents (w/Emergency switch)0.4 lbshScale
Parking Brake Trim (w/ Cup holder)0.6 lbshScale
Knee Guard1.5 lbshScale
Glove Box5.5 lbshScale
Blower Motor Assembly5.2 lbshScale
Passenger Seat42.5 lbshScaleIncludes seat rails and seat belt buckle

Extended Reading For Various Weights

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