New Wheels & Tires (Meatier Setup)

Front Setup: Avid.1 AV-20 18×9.5 +38mm (5×114.3)

Because the front wheels were supposed to my “forever wheels” I initially planned to pick up a set of 18×9.5 Gram Lights 57DR wheels. However, I ran into an issue with the offset. I wanted a +22mm offset which would have required flares or widebody; which wasn’t in the budget. And with the +38mm offset, I didn’t really want to spend almost $800 on a pair of wheels that would ultimately get replaced.

The +22mm 57DRs look great (see photo below), I would love a set in Gunmetal Blue with highlighter yellow Brembos. That is one of my favorite color combos out there.

Image Source – [link]

The Avid.1 AV-20s in 18×9.5 are really cheap, and I had ordered a pair in the 5×100 bolt pattern for the rears but they were out of stock. So, I cancelled the order and reconsidered my plans.

What I really wanted was matte gunmetal wheels in the front to compliment the highlighter yellow calipers and since AV-20s only come in gunmetal in the 5×114.3 pattern that effectively settled things.

I think the matte gunmetal finish makes the wheels look more aggressive in person. I’ve seen the hyper black in person and even though the specs are the same, they seem much tamer.

Rear Setup: ESR SR07 18×9.5 +35mm (5×100)

The rear setup was supposed to be the “cheap” setup but it ended up being the more expensive setup. These are not my favorite wheels, but they are growing on me. I was planning to paint them highlighter yellow to match my old SSR wheels, but I think I am going to go with a gunmetal color instead.

Test Fit I

After the test fit, it appears as though the fronts might clear the fenders, pending my final camber setting. The rears will most certainly poke.

So much droop tho.

Tires: Kumho Ecsta PS31 265/35/R18

For tires I decided to go with summer tires because they are cheaper than UHP all-seasons and I wanted to dial things in first as cheap as possible. And with the pandemic, I don’t really drive that often. My car has been sitting since Fall finals.

A friend of mine mounted and balanced them for me, and I swung by another friend’s house to pick up a fender roller.

Test Fit II

The front wheels cleared the brakes and struts pretty good. The fender liner needed to be trimmed though. I was rubbing on a narrower setup. They may not have fit the old Evo Brembo setup.

The rears will definitely need work to fit. Even with the car in the air, it is pretty clear that the rear wheels will poke. The dent on the passenger side rear quarter isn’t helping either.

With the car back on the ground, we can get a better idea of how much work needs to be done. I stick cardboard underneath the tires to left the tires slide out so the suspension can settle.

Up front, we just need a bit more camber since we lost some when we switched to the GR STi knuckles. The toe was still within 1/16th somehow. The ride height also seems higher but that could just be me.

I added around -1.4 degrees of camber in the front and when for a test drive.

The rears rubbed as expected but I totally forgot how much this car rips. Obviously, this wheel setup isn’t for everyone. It is a temporary setup that will probably get replaced in a few years.

Up next, we will either be painting the reman Brembos or installing the rear flares.


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