Install: Likewise Shifter Extension

Building off of the Perrin Shifter Adapter, we got a shifter extension setup from Likewise. I really like tall sequential shifters, but unfortunately, they are attached to sequential transmissions which are very expensive. Sequential is one of my dream mods though. There are few shifter extensions out there but didn’t like how the looked. Most of them are really thin and I couldn’t find a shifter knob that I liked that fit the Subaru thread pitch.

Likewise products are not cheap, and their lineup is designed to work together. So if you want the extension, you need the shifter knob as well. This can easily be over $200 shift knob. I bought a scratch and dent special, and I can’t see where the imperfections are. The quality is really good. The shift knob and the extension have a nice weight to them. I am a little worried that they might be too heavy.

Likewise is located in Australia so I thought shipping might be a little slow. I think I got my shifter a little bit faster than I normally get parts from California.

As most videos on YouTube will mention, the packaging is great. It feels like you are bought a phone or something.

For the install, you will need to install the adapter first. The set screw is just for adjusting the position of the label.

Then we can thread on the extension… again, the set screw is for the label position.

And now we can install the shifter knob. I still need to adjust the label.

The shifts are not super long, thanks to the Perrin adapter, and they feel pretty good. I haven’t driven the car yet, since I am in the middle of another mod. This package showed up sooner than I expected.

I still need to figure out a shifter boot or trim options. I would like to make the shifts a little bit shorter, so I will probably pick up a shift rod to modify. Some Subaru’s come with exterior mounted return springs and I am going to look into those as well. Whenever the 6MT swap happens, some of this will get transferred over. I don’t want to spend too much time on things that won’t make the swap.


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