Install: Moore Sport Solid Rack Bushings (VA STi Rack Swap)

Many moons ago, in my plans for Mad Handles, I talked about picking up a set of Moore Sport solid rack bushing for my Bugeye. At the time, I was referring to the stock 16.5:1 rack. We have since swapped to a 2015 STi 13:1 rack and pinion. We kept our SuperPro rack bushing for the passenger bushing and left the driver’s side stock as it uses a different mounting style.

Enter Moore Sport.

One thing I noticed is that the MSI kit comes with three bushings. On GR/VA racks, you only need the two bottom bushings as the rack mounts flush with the subframe. For those of us who are retrofitting a VA STi rack into a GD chassis, the third bushing also functions as the spacer we need.

First step is to remove the old hardware and disconnect the steering linkage. The rack can rest on the jack plate.

I have a Whiteline Bushing Removal tool from years ago to remove the stock bushings. A deep socket with a nut and bolt should work too.

With the bushings removed, we can install the MSI bushings. The third bushing goes on top of the forward mounting spot. The bushings are not a tight fit so getting everything bolted up is quite fun. Next time, I will throw some painter’s tape on them or hold them in place.

After driving on this setup for a week or so, I haven’t noticed any measurable increase in NVH. The steering is definitely much sharper and more responsive than before. Whatever compliance I had with the stock rack bushings has been eliminated. I am still thinking about putting a brace, a la GR/VA models, but I am not sure just yet. I don’t particularly care for the black oxide allen key bolts, and I may replace them with standard flange bolts one day.


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